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[GR] > The HoloDec: Law built upon Law

And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect. For if the inheritance be of the law, it is no more of promise: but God gave it to Abraham by promise.

Galatians 3.17f

The Law that Paul spoke of in the verse above is specifically the Ten Commanmdents which were recieved 430 years after the the children of Israel entered into Egypt. This is extremely significant in light of this fundamental identity (cf. Gematria and Scripture):




= 430

This number - the value of Law as reiteritively established in a) the history of Israel, b) the text of Scripture, and c) the numeric weight of the word itself - is also integrated the the internal alphanumeric structure of the Decalogue itself! With the defininite article (0, Ho), the Law integrates with Light through the Number 500:




= 1500 = 3 x 500 (The Law, pic)

One of the striking.phpects of the Decalogue is that its structure is built on many large multiples of Ten - its defining Number. Now we see that the number of the The Law is itself a multiple of ten squared (500 = 5 x 100)! We also see a reiteration of the theme of Law and Light discovered in the first article - The HoloDec. This theme continues in the identity derived from the integration of the HoloDec with the Divine Prologue, discussed in the last article, The Spirit Shines:

HoloDec(Ib, X) = 13 x 3430 (THE LIGHT SHINES IN THE DARKNESS) + 1370

This equation can be easily expressed in terms of the Holographic Generating Set (A = 27, B = 37, C = 73):

HoloDec(Ib, X) = 13(A2 + BC) + 10D

To appreciate the depth of divine integration, we should recall Genesis 1.1 = BC, and that D = 137 (The God of Truth, The Sum of the GenSet) and that this prime number appears in the Unity, Logos, and Divine Prologue Holographs! In fact, it is the large prime number that unifies the Divine Prologue, which is where we find the phrase "the light shineth in the darkness!" Endless glory!

Now taking a look at the two equations above, we imediately note a relation between and 430, which allows us to right the sum in terms of the numerical value of what it is - the Law:

HoloDec(Ib, X) = 39000 + 13 x 430 + 10D
  = 1000 x 39 + 13 x 430 (LAW) + 10D
  = 1000 x (ONE LORD) + (ONE/LOVE) x (LAW) + 10D

The Number 1000 = Ten Cubed. It is the value of Him That Overcometh, which in its ultimate sense points to the Lord Jesus Christ, and in a derived sense, to all who trust in Him. We should recall the fundamental integrateion of this number with the sum of Exodus 20.2-3:

HoloDec(Ia, Ib) = (THE EVERLASTING GOD) + 1000

Another imediately obvious and profound insight into the divine design of the HOloDec is found by simply summing the terms that follow the 39000 in the expression above:

HoloDec(Ib, X) = 39000 + 13 x 430 + 10D
  = 1000 x 39 + 6960

Now this identity should cause any living soul to tremble! The Number 6960 is linked to the Foundation of the Torah (696), the First Commandment (696), the words of the Lord Jesus (6960) and the fundamental title of the Everlasting God (232), modulated by the Number Three!

Multiples of 232
232 =   1 x 232

The Everlasting God


Elohim Olam

696 =   3 x 232

Thou shalt have no other gods before me


Lo yiyeh lakah elohim echrim ul pani

696 =   3 x 232

The Foundation of the Torah


Yesod HaTorah

2320 = 10 x 232

The One who is, and who was,
and who is to come


Ho On kai Ho Hen kai Ho Erkomenos

6960 = 30 x 232

Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God,
and him only shalt thou serve.


Kurion ton Theon sou proskuneseis
kai auto mono latreuseis


These are discussed in the context of the Number Ten as a modulator between Hebrew and Greek in the article called Multiples of Ten.

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