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The Bible Wheel had been debunked by its author.
Read all about it: Debunking Myself: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

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The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.

Psalm 68:11

Added April 27, 2008

Theology Section

I finally found time to add the Theology and Hermeneutics section that I have had planned for a couple years now. It has an introduction page where I explain my Fundamental Principle of Biblical Hermeneutics, and a long article called The Synoptic Apocalypse in which I review all three synoptic versions of the Olivet Discourse. This article is being discussed in the Bible Wheel forum here.

Added February 20, 2008


I added PayPal as a payment option for folks buying books.

Added October 27, 2007

A Refutation of Restoring the Original Bible by Ernest L. Martin

The late Ernest L. Martin advocated that the Christian Church should abondon the traditional order of the books in the Bible and adopt a new and novel pattern that he invented. Folks have been asking for my evaluation of his thesis for some years. It is now available in the Research and Reviews section here and is being discussed in the Bible Wheel forum here.

Added October 21, 2007

The Apostasy of John Hagee: Jesus was NOT the Messiah of the Jews!

Its all documented in my review of his new book In Defense of Israel in found here.

Added August 11, 2007

Gematria Database Update

I added the "Search by Word" feature to the Gematria Database. I also added a hyperlink under the verse index on the Verse Analysis page that will bring up the verse in the context of the chapter where it is found. This update includes various bug fixes, including the NT Greek Version dropdown list that dissappeared after a previous update.

Added July 25, 2007

Gematria Database Update

I added a feature the Gematria Database that allows you to enter a wildcard '*' (asterix) in the Book Number field. The software then will return all verses that match the specified Chapter and Verse numbers. For example, entering *, 3, 16 will return all verses numbered "3:16." Please shoot me a quick email if there are any features you would like me to add.

Added July 21, 2007

Gematria Database Update

The "Search by Number" feature now returns all verses with a total sum that matches the search number. I also activated the "Verse Total" number so it will automatically return all words and verses with the same value. It also will link to values of the subtotals of words selected with the Checkboxes. More details about updates, new features, and bug fixes can be found in this thread on the Bible Wheel Forum.

Added July 16, 2007

The New Gematria Database now has a "Search by Number" feature!

I uploaded a table with the numerical value of every word in the Bible. Every words is now hyperlinked, so when you click on its value it will display all other words in the Bible with the same value. It also will bring up a link to the article in the old Gematria Reference if one is written. Here's the link.

Added July 10, 2007

The Full Text Hebrew/Greek Bible Gematria Database is now Online!

After a week of intensive programming, I have Version 1.0 up and running, praise God! Here's the link.

Added July 1, 2007

Daniel's 70 Weeks were fullfilled in 70 AD!

Just added the article here: [History] > Daniel's 70 Weeks were fullfilled in 70 AD!. It is currently being discussed in this thread in the Bible Wheel forum.

Added June 25, 2007

The Bible Wheel Forum is still growing fast!

I added a Guest Forum for folks who would like to make a comment or pose a question to Richard A. McGough - the author of the Bible Wheel website and book - without registering their email address. Unregistered visitors are free to browse all the threads on the Bible Wheel Forum, but can not post anywhere but in the Guest Forum. If you are not a registered user, I would strongly encourage you to register today so you can contribute to the conversation. It is free, quick, and easy. It requires only a valid email address (which is kept completely private, of course).

Added June 9, 2007

The Bible Wheel Forum is growing fast!

Come on over. Don't be shy. The forum is free to use and registration is simple and fast. Don't underestimate the value of your contribution. All kinds of voices are needed, and all kinds of voices are welcome, believer's and unbelievers alike! The only requirement is mutual respect and common sense.

Added June 4, 2007

The Bible Wheel Forum is now Online!

I just got the forum software yesterday, so there are many things I need to do to get its "look and feel" set up. But it is fully functional and ready for discussion. It is an open forum, all are free to join. Here's the link.

Added May 30, 2007

The Tri-Radiant Cruciform Halo as the Sign of Deity

This new article in the Art section discusses the incographic prophecy that anticipated the design of the Canon Wheel. The amazing thing is that cruciform halos in ancient icons of Christ were explicitly designed with three arms, just like the Canon Wheel. The artists designed them this way to visually express the fundamental doctrines of the Cross, the Trinity, and the Deity of Christ, amongst others. All these implications then carry over onto the design of the Canon Wheel, which is itself an icon - designed by God - of the faith taught within its pages. Here is the article.

[Canon Studies] > Revelation as an Epistle

This article discusses the importance of understanding the genre of Revelation as a letter to the whoel church throughout its history. It serves two purposes: 1) It is an answer to those who attempt to deny the design of the Canon Wheel by denying that Revelation should be categorized as an Epistle, and 2) It demonstrates why genre is so important in hermeneutics, and that the Canon Wheel, by the perfection of its design, powerfully reinforces the correct interpretation of Revelation.

Added May 15, 2007

New article in the Gematria Reference

For many years I have had a nagging intuition that there was some fundamental connection between the Holographic Generating Set and repdigits such as 111, 888, 99999999. I am happy to announce that my hunch proved to be correct. You can read about the many amazing connections in my new article Repdigits and the Holographic Generating Set. Note that there is a new repunit theorem proven at the bottom of the article.

Added Februrary 7, 2007

More Alphabetic Links and KeyLinks

I added three articles to the Table of Alpabetic Links and KeyLinks which now contains links to 86 articles, including eighteen Alphabetic KeyLinks to books on fourteen Spokes.

  • Spoke 14 - Nun:
    • 2 Chronicles: Freewill Offerings: I discovered this Alphabetic KeyLink yesterday. The amazing thing is that it integrates perfectly with the unique priestly emphasis of 2 Chronicles that distinguishes it from the parallel history recorded in the books of the Kings.
    • Zephaniah: The Candle of the Lord: The Book of Zephaniah is famous for its verse about "searching Jerusalem with candles." This forms a link to the even more famous verse about the Word of God being a "candle to my feet" in AV Psalm 119:105. The link is based on the Nun KeyWord ner (candle).
  • Spoke 15 - Samek:
    • Support your Brethren!: The ultimate spiritual meaning of Samek is nowhere more clearly displayed than in the Book of James on Spoke 15.

Added January 25, 2007

I added two newly discoverd Alphabetic KeyLinks to the table, and wrote (or uploaded) the supporting articles:

  • Spoke 12 - Lamed:
    • Come Ye and Hearken: This is a second, independent Alphabetic KeyLink derived from AV Psalm 34:11 (the first is discussed here).
  • Spoke 17 - Pey:
    • Malachi: My Messenger: This is an amazingly direct Alphabetic KeyLink from the Pey verse of AV Lamentations 4:16 to Malachi based on fundamental themes of the 39th book

We now have 17 Alphabetic KeyLinks from the Alphabetic Verses to books on 13 Spokes. The number of Spokes is less than that of the KeyLinks because there are some overlaps in which two Alpbabetic Verses converge in a single book as with AV Ps 34:1 and 145:1 which both link to Genesis on Spoke 1. These Alphabetic KeyLinks powerfully confirm the thesis that God prophetically anticipated the overall thematic pattern as well as the exact order of books in the Christian canon.

Added January 23, 2007

I added three new Alphabetic KeyLinks to the table, and wrote (or uploaded) the supporting articles:

Added January 19, 2007

Table of Alphabetic Links and KeyLinks

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

Habakkuk 2:2

After one long week of work, I have completed enough of this table to make it worth publishing. It contains over 60 links to articles based on Alphabetic KeyWords, including 12 that are Alphabetic KeyLinks. In the process of putting together the table I needed to upload a lot of the supporting articles from the Bible Wheel book, as well as write a few new ones. I also updated many pages that were already posted. Here is the list of most of the new stuff:

Added January 17, 2007

Uploaded a variety of articles from the Bible Wheel book:

Added January 16, 2007

Uploaded Spoke 5 articles from the Bible Wheel book:

Added January 15, 2007

Uploaded various articles from the Bible Wheel book:

Added January 13, 2007

Updated the blog with the reminder of tonight's meeting of the Bible Wheel Study Group.

Added January 12, 2007

This is an Inner Wheel or Cycle article. Click to read the introduction.

Wheels within Wheels: Isaiah 42linksymbolBook 42

[Inner Wheel] > Isaiah 42 - Book 42 (Luke): Of the many links between Isaiah Chapter 42 and Bible Book 42, one of the most prominent is God's promise to give Christ as "a light of the Gentiles." As it turns out, Luke "just happens" to be the only Gospel that mentions the fulfillment of this promise! Again, we have a perfect and precise correlation between the 66 chapters of Isaiah and the 66 books of the Bible. Praise God for the endless glory of His Word!

Added January 11, 2007

New Spoke 20 articles

Added January 9, 2007

This is an Inner Wheel or Cycle article. Click to read the introduction.

Wheels within Wheels: Isaiah 42linksymbolBook 42

[Inner Wheel] > Isaiah 42 - Book 42 (Luke): Of the many links between Isaiah Chapter 42 and Bible Book 42, one of the most prominent is the command to "Sing a new song unto the Lord" (Isa 42:10) which Luke fulfilled unlike any other New Testament writer.

I also updated the blog.

Added January 5, 2007

Uploaded Spoke 10 articles from the Bible Wheel book

I also finished updating all the Inner Wheel and Inner Cycle articles with the new icon. That should help people know where they are on this site. Please don't hesitate to write with any suggestions that would help make this site easier to navigate and to understand.

Added January 4, 2007

New Format for the Inner Wheels and Cycles

And when I looked, behold the four wheels by the cherubims, one wheel by one cherub, and another wheel by another cherub: and the appearance of the wheels was as the colour of a beryl stone. And as for their appearances, they four had one likeness, as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel.

Ezekiel 10:9ff (Spoke 4, Cycle 2)

One of the most challenging (and endlessly fascinating!) aspects of the Bible Wheel is the study of the Spoke 1 of the Bible Wheel Inner Wheels and Inner Cycles. The problem is that its very easy to lose track of which level of structure is being discussed. I have therefore begun doubly marking all the Inner Wheel and Inner Cycle articles with an icon on the upper left and right of the page. The icons are hyperlinked to a new introduction I have written on the subject called, appropriately enough, Inner Wheels and Alphabetic Cycles. The Inner Wheel articles are therefore easily distinguished from the Spoke articles, which are marked in the upper right corner with a Bible Wheel that has the appropriate spoke highlighted as seen in the example of Spoke 1. I repeated this announcement in the blog because it is very important for users to understand.

New Introductions to Inner Wheel articles

Added January 2, 2007

Uploaded various articles from the Bible Wheel book

I also posted some new stuff in the blog. And if you are watching TV in eastern Washington tomorrow morning, you can catch me talking about the Bible Wheel at 5:15, 5:45, 6:15, and 6:45 AM on Kapp 35 TV.

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