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[GR] > Derivation of the 22 Symbols

He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

Ecclesiastes 3.11

This page is an attempt to systematically gather many of the converging lines of evidence that reveal the meaning of the 22 Symbols. This is a very large project since its aim is to collate hundreds of articles on this site under each letter. It is a work in progress. Most of the Symbols have only a list of associated concepts with the Letter and Number. I will continue adding links to explanatory articles as I get time. Any insights the reader may have would be greatly appreciated. Please send them my way!

The 22 Symbols
22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Tav Shin Resh Quph Tsaddi Peh Ayin Samek Nun Mayim Lamed Kaph Yod Tet Chet Zayin Vav Heh Dalet Gimel Beyt Aleph


Below is a list of eight of the primary categories I use to determine the meaning of the Numbers and Letters in Scripture. The vast array of converging lines of evidence for the smaller numbers yields great certainty as to God's intent. Not all categories cover all the Numbers, since the Seven Days and the Seven Seals only cover the first seven, and the Commandments are limited to Ten. But there is enough information given in the meaning of the Plain Text, the Hebrew Names, the Alphabetic Verses, the Spoke Themes, and the Holographs (which apply to all Numbers) to establish the meaning of the 22 Symbols with great certainty. Please note that I quoted the verse from Ecclesiastes to guard against the idea that this page is (or ever could be!) exhaustive. The Wisdom God placed in His Holy Word is truly an ocean of infinite depth! No man will ever "find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end" except in as much as He has revealed the perfection of His Gospel which comes from God (Aleph) and is finished in the Cross (Tav).

Eight Categories

I) Plain Text: God's use of Numbers in the Plain Text of Scripture. For example, the symbolic meaning of the Number 7 as fullness or completion is made explicit in Revelation 15.1:

And I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is filled up the wrath of God.
II) Seven Days: Seven Days of Creation: The Bible opens with a very specific sevenfold structure that is presented as the Key to the understanding of God's Creation.
III) Seven Seals: The Seven Seals of Revelation are deeply integrated with, yet distinct from, the pattern established in the Seven Days. Comparing and contrasting these two sevenfold structures adds great light to the general structure of Scripture.
IV) Ten Cs: The Ten Commandments follow the structure established in the Seven Days and Seven Seals, and extends our knowledge up to the Number Ten.
V) Letters: The meaning of the Hebrew Letters, as revealed in the Alphabetic Verses and grammar of the Hebrew language, yield a treasure house filled with radiant gems adorning our knowledge of Scripture.
VI) Spoke Themes: Powerful themes and found on each Spoke of the Bible Wheel and on its Inner Wheels and Cycles are deeply integrated with the meaning of the corresponding Number and Letter.
VII) Geometry: Underlying Geometric Archetypes are quite obvious for the smaller numbers such as the Number 2 which naturally subsumes such concepts as Duality, Image, and Reflection. This then manifest in the Second Day (Division of the Waters), Second Book (Division of the Red Sea), Second Seal (Sword, instrument of Division), and so forth.
VIII) Holographs: The reiterative structure of the Biblical Holographs yields great insight into the meaning of Numbers. Great certainty is achieved when we then see the same meaning appearing in the geometric structure of the Bible. For example, the meaning of the Number 13 as Love and Unity is established in the Unity Holograph (the greatest commandment in the Bible) and confirmed in the greatest statement of Love ever penned, the 13 verses of I Corinthians 13, commonly referred to as the Bible's Love Chapter. This then extends to included the names of Habakkuk (Embraced) and Philemon (Kissed) from Spoke 13, as discussed in For Love's Sake.

I will now use these categories to derive the meaning of the Twenty-two Letters and Numbers::


God, The Father, Source, Origin, Beginning, I AM, I Will, Creation, Love, Unity, Sovereignty of God, Election, Predestination.

I) Plain Text: God declares: "I am the first and the last" and "Here O Israel, the Lord our God, is one Lord." The latter is the Unity Holograph (Shema) which Jesus declared, along with the command to love God that follows, to be the "first and great commandment." We are commanded "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness." There is no plainer message in all Scripture: God is first, God is one. The link between the Number One and God (in particular, God the Father) is established with absolute certainty.

II) Seven Days: The Bible declares "God is light" (1 John) which is the theme of the First Day. This then manifests in the alphanumeric identity Let there be light = 232 = The Word of the Lord. The God the Father is identified by the first word of the Bible through the mathematical identity Berashit = 913 = God the Father.

III) Seven Seals: The First Horseman is given a Crown and power to conquer. This integrates with the universal association between the Number 1 and the idea of a Ruler. Elsewhere in Revelation, the word The Conqueror is translated as He who overcomes, which relates to the literal meaning of Aleph as a thousand through the identity Ho Nikon = 1000 (Aleph)

IV) Ten Cs: The First Commandment states: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." This perfectly reiterates the dominant theme of Spoke 1. God is first, God is one.

V) Letters: The first letter Aleph is the first letter of the first word of the Hebrew language Av (Father). God declares: "I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last." Alpha is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew Aleph and Tav. The name of God given in the first verse of the Bible is an Aleph KeyWord Elohim (God's Initial), which the Rabbis declare to represent the One and Only Omniscient Everlasting God. The first appearance of Alpha (and Omega) in the surface text of Scripture integrates with the geometry of the Wheel (VI), being found in the first chapter of the last book, Revelation 1. When prefixed to a verb, Aleph signifies the idea of I WILL.

VI) Spoke Themes: The phrase Everlasting God forms a Spoke 1 KeyLink in the KJV, where it appears once and only once in each of the Books Genesis, Isaiah, and Romans. The theme of Creation is greatly maximized on Spoke 1, as is the theme of the Abraham the Father of the Faith. In essence, Romans is a profound interweaving of Genesis and Isaiah, with many KeyLinks based on fundamental themes associated with the Number 1 (cf. The Pot and the Potter and Every Knee Shall Bow). Isaiah has been called the Romans of the Old Testament because these are the two most profound and comprehensive doctrinal books in the Bible.

VII) Geometry: The natural geometric object relating to absolute Unity is the Point. This then is extended through space to form the Second Geometric Construct, the Line (cf. Spoke 2 > The Dividing Line). Rotation of the Line forms the Circle which naturally relates to the Number 3 and Cycles with beginnings, middles, and endings.

VIII) Holographs: The Unity Holograph is built on 4 ascending multiples of 13, the value of Echad (One), Love (Ahavah), and My Father (Avi). The digital structure of 13 - One and Three - integrates with the Doctrine of the Trinity. It is used of God in the design of the greatest statement of Love to be found in all the Universe: the 13 verses of 1 Corinthians 13, the last of which is explicitly built upon the Number 1 and 3: "And now abideth 1) faith, 2) hope, 3) love, these three; but the greatest of these is 1) love."


God the Son, The Word, Line, Rod, Sword, Division, Containment, Duality, Image, Reflection, Mirror, Idolatry, King of Glory

I) Plain Text: The whole mission of Christ is summed up in the words (Ephesians 2):

For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us; Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace; And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby: And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh.

Peace (or the destruction of it) is the theme of the Second Seal, and is the Rabbinic reason given for the missing "It is good" on the Second Day (cf. The Dividing Line). The natural meaning of the Number 2 runs throughout Scripture from the Second Day of Genesis (Division of the Waters) to the Second Seal of Revelation (Sword).

II) Seven Days: The Second Day is characterized by the division of the Waters, which also appears in the Second Book. The theme of Division saturates Spoke 2 - it is a major theme of I Corinthians (cf. Is Christ Divided? Note also that the sinner was separated from the Church (people are Water - cf. Number 3 below) in I Corinthians and in gathered back in (a Gimel concept) in II Corinthians, mimicking the Division and Gathering of the Waters on the Second and Third Days of Creation.

III) Seven Seals: The Second Horseman receives a Sword to take away peace from the earth - i.e. to cause War, Civil Division. The Sword integrates with the great theme of Spoke 2 that derives ultimately from the nature of the Everlasting God - the Second Person, God the Son who is called the Word of God. Out of His Mouth comes a sharp two-edge sword (cf. The Logos Holograph), and on and on! The meaning of the Number 2 in Scripture is truly marvelous to behold!

IV) Ten Cs: The Second Commandment: No graven images. The idea of Images, Mirrors, and Reflections are all subsumed in the category defined by the Number 2. This also integrates with the fundamental titles of the Son, as the Image of God and as the Word (linguistic image of an object). The Word then is specifically stated to be Two Edged Sword which integrates with the Second Geometric Construct (Line), the Second Seal, etc., etc., etc.!

V) Letters: The Second Letter Beyt signifies Ben (Son) and Beyn (Between, Division). Beyt literally means House, which is the symbol of the Container/Word that divides between what is in and what is out. This reveals how God created the World through His Word.

VI) Spoke Themes: The first time God declares "Thou art my son, my firstborn" is in the Second Book. The same pattern is found in Psalm 2 in the Cycle of Psalms, which also is the only passage of Scripture to be referenced by number in the text of Scripture.

VII) Geometry: Extending the Point (One) through Space (or simply making an arbitrary reflection and connection the two points) forms the Line.

VIII) Holographs: The Logos Holograph is indexed by the value of the value Beyt = 412 and is built on the prime Numbers 73 (Wisdom), 373 (Logos), 443 (Ho Logos). The witness is overwhelming. Nothing like it has been seen in the history of the world. Glory to God!


God the Holy Spirit, Giving, Conviction, Reward and Punishment, The People of God, Gathering of the Waters (People), Camel, Sustenance, Abundance, Food, Fruit, Nourishment, Weaning, Ripe, Clothing, Covering

I) Plain Text: In Zechariah 13.9 God speaks of dividing humanity into thirds and trying one third by fire to may them His People. This coheres with the gathering of the People/Waters often related to the Number 3 (cf. Psalm 3) which is the function of the Holy Spirit (Third Person of the Trinity).

II) Seven Days: The Third Day: God gathered the waters that were divided on the Second Day. The waters represent people (Rev 17.15) and the People of God (cf. Psalm 3) are gathered by God's Spirit. Food, specifically Fruit, was created on the Third Day. This links to the character of the Holy Spirit who nourishes and feeds the Children of God, and the 9 (= 3 x 3) Fruits of the Spirit. The theme of Food and Famine extends throughout Spoke 3 - see below.

III) Seven Seals: The Third Seal: Famine. This is the negative of the image of God's Spirit (just as Lamentations is the negative image of the Presence of God that dominates II Corinthians on Spoke 3). The theme of pain and suffering associated with food originated in Genesis 3 with the eating of the forbidden fruit and the Fall.

IV) Ten Cs: The Third Commandment: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. This links to the power of the Holy Spirit to animate our voice. God calls us through the Spirit.

V) Letters: Gimel - This letter reveals many of the qualities characteristic of the Holy Spirit - most notably through the cognates Gomel = Abundant Giver, and Gamul = Reward, Recompense, and Gamal = Wean, Nourish until ripe.

VI) Spoke Themes: The great themes of Spoke 3 are (cf. Genesis 3):

Leviticus Holiness Laws, Dietary Laws, Laws against Nakedness.
Lamentations The magnified absence of God's Comfort; Famine; Nakedness, Exile. The Fall all over again.
II Corinthians The magnified presence of God's Comfort; Abundance

VII) Geometry: The Number 3 is naturally associated with Triangles, Circles, and Cycles (Beginning, Middle, End).

VIII) Holographs: The Number 3 is the second digit in the Number 13, the base of the Unity Holograph which reveals the Trinity in the Shema.



Birth, Death, Blood, Weak, Poverty, Hang, Door, Mark, Sign, Time, Seasons, Seed, Sleep, Form, Structure, Buildings, Foursquare Temple, Cross, Camp, Four Directions, Four Winds, Expansion, Four Gospels, Four Living Creatures

I) Plain Text: Scripture uses the Number Four to indicate enduring structures like the Fourfold Temple from Ezekiel. Jesus identified Sleep as a symbol of Death when He went to raise Lazarus from the dead (cf. Dead Four Days). Likewise, God lists four kinds of Death in the Fourth Seal. This all integrates with the great theme of Rest, Sleep, and Death (see below).

II) Seven Days: On the Fourth Day God created the Sun, Moon, and Stars and declared their fourfold purpose, "for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years" (cf. Weak and Beggarly Elements).

III) Seven Seals: The Fourth Seal is Death. This coheres with the first occurrence of Death in Genesis 4 and the Fourth Commandment (Sabbath Rest) which is symbolically coherent with the concept of Death (cf. Dead Four Days).

IV) Ten Cs: The Fourth Commandment (Sabbath Rest) integrates with the great theme of Rest, Sleep, and Death associated with Dalet and the Number 4.

V) Letters: The Fourth Letter means door, which first appears in the English Bible in Genesis 4 (see below) in conjunction with the first appearance of the fundamental Dalet KeyWord Dawm (Blood) = 44.

VI) Spoke Themes: The greatest density of the Number 4 in all the Bible is found on Spoke 4 in the opening chapter of Ezekiel where God reveals the Four living creatures with Four Faces (cf. Divine Chariot.) A very similar vision, replete with numerous KeyLinks to Ezekiel, appears in Revelation 4, which opens with the Dalet KeyWord Door which first appears in Genesis 4. This is all integrated with the distribution of the words Door and Gate throughout Scripture, which is greatly maximized on Spoke 4. Endless glory!

VII) Geometry: The natural relation between the Number 4 and Form and Structure manifests with extreme clarity on Spoke 4 of the Wheel (cf. Perfect Peace.


Behold, Life, Family, Blessings, Beatitudes, Promise, Power, Freedom, Revelation of Secrets, The Definite Article


Man, Cosmos, Work, Connection, The Conjunctive "And", Nail, Hook


Wife, Sabbath, The All, Completion, Perfection, Fullness, Fullness of the Godhead, Movement, Adultery, Weapon, Day of Judgment


Enclosure, Wall, Fence, Bosom, Grace, Portion, ...


Good, Snake, Head and Tail, Cut Off, Establishment of the Kingdom, Fruits of the Spirit, Covetousness


Hand, Action, Ten Commandments, Personal Possession, Me, Mine


Palm of the Hand, Thine, Yours, Covering, Similar, Like, As


Teach, Exhort, 12 Disciples, 12 Tribes, Go, Goad, Point, To, For, According to, No, Not


Water, Flood, Love, Abiding, Patience, Stillness, Silence, Fountain of Wisdom, Symbol of the Holy Spirit


Perpetuity, Posterity, Heir, Inheritance, Fish, Fallen Ones, Nephalim


Support, Uphold, Help, Foundation of the Temple (Haggai and Zerubbabel), Works Righteousness


Eye, See, YHVH Roi (The God who Sees), Fountain, Chief Shepherd, Overseer, Bishop, Capstone, Living Stones, Upon one stone seven eyes, Insight, Perception, Witness, Stand, The Great Confession


Mouth, Speak, Face, Theophanies, Transfiguration, Coming of the Lord, Purim, Parting, Splitting, Breaking, Bursting


Righteousness, Go Forth!, Command, the Gospel Goes Forth, Great Commission


Physical Manifestation, Flesh, Lamb, the Body of Jesus, Arise (Qumi), Golgotha, It is finished, Cry, Call


Head, First, Chief, Health, Physician, Word (Rhema), Spirit (Ruach)


Fire, Spirit of God (Ruach Elohim), Name, I AM, Sent, Light, Truth, Witness and Believe


Wedding, Marriage, Consummation, Completion, Seal of Truth, The Cross of Christ, To Crucify, Universal Resurrection.