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[GR] > Creation HyperHolograph: Jesus and YHVH

The Logos Star - Sevenfold geometric representation of the prime Number 373

For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:

Colossians 2.9f

The discovery of the iota subscript transformed alphanumeric structure of the Divine Prologue from chaos to crystaline perfection. The entire structure studied in the last two articles completely disappears if it is neglected. I can testify from ten years of excruciatingly detailed study - witnessed by a database of over 18,000 alphanumeric identities - that there is no significant structure to be found in the Divine Prologue sans the iota subscipt. Oh! How this changed the moment I acknowledged the smallest of letters!

As noted in the Divine Prologue, we have the identity:

Sum of John 1.2-5 = 23088 = 39 (ONE LORD) x 592 (GODHEAD)

Rearranging the factors yields:

Sum of John 1.2-5 = 23088 = 26 (YHVH)x 888 (JESUS)

This identity is astounding beyond description! It is the product of two fundamental Divine Names, pic (YHVH) - from the Unity Holograph - and Jesus, the name above all names! Glory! And all this in John 1.2-5!

It is extremely important to realize that the meaning of these two numbers had already been fully established for years before I found them embedded in the alphanumeric structure of the verse above. The meaning of the Number 26 remains eternally established in the personal name God designed for Himself - pic (YHVH). Its integration with the other primary names of God in the Unity Holograph greatly magnifies its glory. Likewise, the Number 888 rings and reverberates with the everlasting glory of the Lord of lords, Jesus! Halellujah! Furthermore, both of these numbers occur together in Malachi 3.6:

I am the LORD, I change Not


Ani YHVH, Lo Shaniti

= 888

The beauty of this identity is that the meaning of the verse is reflected in the form of the most symmetric number - 888 - which can be permuted, inverted and reflected in a mirror, all without change. To find these two numbers united in the Divine Prologue is simply too staggering to utter.

John is the Gospel of Light. The Divine Prologue links Creation and Light, just like Genesis 1. Rearranging the factors again now integrates the Number 23088 with the value of Genesis 1.4. We have the identity:

Sum of John 1.2-5 = 23088 = 13 x 1776 = 13 x 37 x 48

If you are reading these articles in order, you should recognize the last two factors, since they appear twice in the First Day Holograph! They also are embedded in the Great Seal of the United States of America, which displays a 13-step pyramid with the date 1776 at the base. Yet there is more. We also have the identity (note the iota subscript - which is written inline for clarity - is essential to this calculation):

In Him was life


En auto zoe en

= 2439 = 9 x 271

Light and Life! The Number 271 is the Tenth Hexagonal Number found in the heart of the Star of Israel 541. It appears three times in the First Day Holograph. We have, therefore, a double integration of John 1.2-5 with Genesis 1.3-4 via two primes that are themselves twice reiterated in the First Day Holograph:


This is part of Full Creation HyperHolograph - the complete integration of the First Day and Divine Prologue Holographs. It is much easier to see this.phpect of the divine integration alone, because the lines get overlapped when we include all the other holographic fragments in the full integration. Note again that the factors are either geometric primes or simply powers of 2 or 3. Thus we see exactly the same structure discovered in Genesis manifesting and integrating here in John.

Rearranging the factors again now integrates these the Number 23088 with the Greek word for Genesis (with the definite article):

Sum of John 1.2-5 = 23088 = 48 (Star) x 481 (The Genesis)

Without the article, we have (Genesis) = 473, which appears modulated by the Number Ten as the value of Genesis 1.3-5. The Number 481 also appears in Genesis 1.1 as the sum of the third and fifth words (symmetrically placed around the central Aleph - Tav):

86 pic (Elohim, God)
+ 395 pic (HaShamayim, Heaven)

= 481 pic (Hay Genesis)

Here now is a table of the primary identities encoded in John 1.2-5

Factor Groupings of John 1.2-5
13 (ONE/LOVE) x 1776 (First Day Holograph)
26 (YHVH) x 888 (JESUS)
39 (ONE LORD) x 592 (GODHEAD)
48 (STAR) x 481 (THE GENESIS)

Finally, we should note that Scripture declares God created the Universe by His Word. This is encoded in most beautful identity. In Ezekiel 10.3 we read:

Then the glory of the LORD went up from the cherub, and stood over the threshold of the house; and the house was filled with the cloud, and the court was full of the brightness of the LORDíS glory. And the sound of the cherubimsí wings was heard even to the outer court, as the voice of the Almighty God when he speaketh.

We have:

The Voice of God Almighty


Kol El Shaddai

= 481

These identities add a lot of information to the Divine Prologue Holograph. Unfortuantely, the limits of two dimensional representations force me to show only a small portion of the Creation HyperHolograph at any one time.

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