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The Logos Star - Sevenfold geometric representation of the prime Number 373

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1.1

The sevenfold Logos Star is perhaps the greatest jewel to be found in the alphanumeric structure of Scripture. It is a geometric representation of God the Word - Jesus Christ, the Creator! Such a gift He has given of Himself! And as He was born of the Jews, so He gave them His sign, the universally recognized Jewish symbol, the Star of David, the basis of the Logos Star.

The text of the first five verses of John's Gospel - the revelation of the Logos - are without parallel in Scripture. They are extremely well preserved - the Majority Text indicates no variants whatsover! This is extremely rare in Scripture. To find such perfection here in these seminal verses that are in fact part of the great Creation Holograph is yet another witness of the divine preservation of God's Word.

The Logos Star is integrated with the text of John 1.1:


The two texts in red are united by the large prime Number 373:




= 373 =

and God was


kai Theos hen

The Numbers 73 and 373 form the basis of the Logos Holograph.

I am greatly indebted to Iain Strachen who first showed me how these words are integrated with the geometric represtentation of the Word in the form of the Logos Star. The profound theological truth of the unity between God and His Word - found in the text of Scripture - is reiterated in the pair of numerical identities above. Yet this is but the beginning of wonders. Woven into these letters is the geometric structure of the Logos Star. I say woven because its structure is found in the sum of alternating letters, as displayed below:


Is is important to note the degree of integration exhibited hear. To begin with, the Numbers 19 and 37 form a Hexagon / Star pair:


All such products of Hexagon / Star pairs are Triangular. Two of these products figure prominently in Genesis 1.1:

19 x 37 = Sum(37) = 703 = And the earth (Last two words of Genesis 1.1)

37 x 73 = Sum(73) = 2701 = Sum of Genesis 1.1

These Hexagon / Star pairs are deeply integrated with the fundamental words used in Scripture. Most obviously significant is the palindromic pair of primes (37 / 73) which are the Ordinal and Standard values of the fundamental Hebrew word Wisdom, by Which God created the world (Cf. Jeremiah :




37 = 8 + 11 + 13 + 5 (Ordinal Value) pic
73 = 8 + 20 + 40 + 5 (Standard Value)

Exactly the same pattern - based now on the Hexagon/Star pair 19/37 - is found in the Hebrew word for The Heart:

The Heart



19 = 5 + 12 + 2 (Ordinal Value) pic
37 = 5 + 30 + 2 (Standard Value)

Now we return to the geometric structure of Genesis 1.1 and note that the internal structure of the entire verse is built on both Hexagon / Star pairs involving the Number 37:

This means that the Hexagon/Star pairs of Genesis 1.1 - the Creation Holograph - are inextricably integrated with the concepts of The Heart (19/37) and Wisdom (37/73), with the linking Number being 37 and the linking geometric form being the Star of David! Is there no end to the wonders of our God?

HaLev is an anagram of pic (Lahav) which means flame, glittering, or brightness. It also refers to the blade of a sword because of the glittering light that comes from its edge. The fact that it is in anagram of HaLev means that its Ordinal and Standard values also form the Hexagon/Star pair 19/37.

We have therefore an extremely apt set of associations found in the heart of the origin of God's everlasting Word! The Sword of the Spirit! Taking all these associtations together yields the image of the sum of Genesis 1.1 and the Logos Star as expressing something like:

Sum of Genesis 1.1 = Flaming Heart (37) of Wisdom (73)

We have ten thousand converging lines of light, focused by God Himself upon the heart of Creation! Glory!

The Logos Star is also integrated with the Number 13 as Star which is the premier symbol of Unity and Love, as revealed in the Unity Holograph. It is composed of 13 counters - 6 Hexagons and 7 Stars - in the form of the Number 13 as Star:

This means that the Logos Star is isomorphic [of the same form] to the Number 13 as Star. This reveals the intrinsic Unity and Love that are inextricably integrated with the Word of God. This is reiterated yet again in the value of the Creation Holograph fragment John 1.1:

Sum of John 1.1 = 3627 = 39 x 93 = 3 x 13 (Ahavah, Love) x 93 (Agape, Love)

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