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The Logos Star - Sevenfold geometric representation of the prime Number 373

Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

1 Timothy 1.17

Biblical Holographs are defined as contiguous passages of Scripture in which one or more factors emerge reiteratively (at least twice) from its alphanumeric structure. For example, the Unity Holograph (shown below) is built on four different multiples of the prime Number 13, ranging from the value of the primary claim of the verse - the Lord is One (Echad = 13) - to the sum of the entire verse 1118 = 13 (One) x 86 (God). Biblical Holographs carry the seal of Divine Intelligence found in the fact that the factors are typically both prime and integrated with the semantic value of the central theme of the Holograph. This is evident in the example of the Unity Holograph. Another very obvious example is seen in the Logos Holograph (shown below) which is built on large multiples of the prime number 373 - the value of its central theme, the Logos.

HyperHolographs are defined as integrated structures built from Biblical Holographs. For example, the Divine Prologue and Logos Holographs have three prime numbers in common, 137 (The God of Truth), 373 (Logos/Word), and 443 (O Logos/The Word). This then forms a superstructure - a HyperHolograph (shown below). I typically coin a name for the HyperHolograph that involves a combination of the names of the holographic components. E.g. The union of the Divine Prologue and Logos Holgraphs is called the Divine Logos HyperHolograph. When this is then integrated with the HoloDec to form a second order HyperHolograph, I call it the Divine HoloDecaLogos HyperHolograph.


Unity Holograph

The Unity Holograph displays the divine integration of the Shema, which Jesus declared to be the greatest commandment. It is based on an ascending set of multiples of the Number 13 = One/Love.


Logos Holograph

The Logos Holograph is built on two of the most significant prime numbers in all of Creation: 73 (Wisdom) and 373 (Word). Furthermore, it is connected to the Divine Prologue via the prime number 137 (The God of Truth).


The Logos Star: Divine Tapestry of John 1.1

This image shows how the Logos Star is encoded in the text of John 1.1:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


Holographic Decalogue: Crown of the Torah

The Ten Commandments are built on four prime numbers with the following values and semantic associations:

499: ONE GOD


HoloDec: Two Divisions of the Law

Division of the HoloDec into either 6/4 Commandments or 3/7 Commandments yields a doubly coherent structure based on primes 353, 373, and 443 modulated by the Numbers 40 and 55 (= Sum(10), the Tenth Triangle).


Creation HyperHolograph: Genesis 1.1

Genesis 1.1 is the beginning of the great Creation HyperHolograph that is coherently built up from the union of Genesis 1.1, John 1.1, and the Divine Prologue Holographs.


Creation HyperHolograph: John 1.1

This HyperHolograph reveals the profound integration of John 1.1, Genesis 1.1, and the fundamental name of God YHVH ELOHIM (= 112). It reveals how all creation hangs from and descends from this Holy Name of God.


Creation HyperHolograph: Divine Prologue

This HyperHolograph reveals the supernatural integratation of the Divine Prologue (John 1.1-5) with Genesis 1.1 and the Unity Holograph.


Divine Unity HyperHolograph

Integration of Divine Prologue and Unity Holographs

There are two factors that appear in the reiterative structure of both the Divine Prologue and the Logos Holograph: 39 (ONE LORD), 137 (THE GOD OF TRUTH).


Creation HyperHolograph: The First Day

The First Day Holograph is built from the first five verses of Genesis 1. It integrates with the Divine Prologue Holograph, built from the first five verses of John 1.


Creation HyperHolograph: Full Integration

Integration of the Divine Prologue (John 1.1-5) and First Day (Genesis 1.1-5) Holographs. This HyperHolograph is built on the hexagonal primes 37 and 271 which are intimately related to the Creation of Light. The Number 271 is the Tenth Centered Hexagon found in the Heart of the Tenth Star Number - 541 = Israel.


Divine Logos HyperHolograph

Integration of Divine Prologue and Logos Holographs

There are three primes that appear in the reiterative structure of both the Divine Prologue and the Logos Holograph: 137 (THE GOD OF TRUTH), 373 (WORD), 443 (THE WORD).


Divine HoloDecaLogos HyperHolograph

Integration of the HoloDec and Divine Logos HyperHolograph

The HoloDec is now integrated with the Divine Logos HyperHolograph created from the integration of the Divine Prologue and Logos Holographs. The Linking Primes are 373 (WORD) and 443 (THE WORD).

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