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[GR] > Creation HyperHolograph: The Divine Prologue

The Logos Star - Sevenfold geometric representation of the prime Number 373

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;

1 John 1.1

The advent of the iota subscript unlocked the supernatural design of the Divine Prologue in one fell swoop. Never have I experienced anything more like a key opening a door - and that with a door I had been rattling for over a decade!

There are five iota subscripts in first five verses of John 1. The one that sparked the discovery is found in the archei (beginning) of John 1.1:

Beginning (dative case)



= 719

The iota subscript transforms the value of arche from 709 (a prime - its value in the nominative case) to 719 (also a prime - its value in the dative case). Inclusion of the iota subscript in John 1.1 is what revealed its geometric integration with Genesis 1.1 and the Divine Name LORD GOD (112), as discussed in the last article - John 1.1.

Exactly the same word is repeated in John 1.2. In this case, inclusion of the iota subscript transforms the entire verse into a self-reflective holographic fragment. We have the identity:

The same was in the beginning with God.


Outos en en archei pros ton theon

= 2876 = 4 x 719

This is represented in the figure below:


Yet this is but the beginning! Calculating the sum of the entire Divine Prologue yields the value:

Sum of John 1.1-5 = 26715 = 5 x 39 x 137

We have already encountered the prime Number 39 in the analysis of John 1.1 and the Unity Holograph. The prime Number 137 is extremely significant - it is the value of the divine title:

The God of Truth


Elohi Amen

= 137

It is also the sum of the elelements of the Holographic Generating Set (27, 37, 73):

137 = 27 + 37 + 73

The Number 137 is well-known throughout the physics community as the approximate inverse of the Fine Structure constant that governs the interaction of Light and Matter, the subject of the Divine Prologue. It has fascinated physicists and mystics alike during the last century because it is one of the few fundamental dimensionless constants in physics, and it is very near an integer - not just any integer - but a beautiful prime at that!

The Number 137 appears again in John 1.3, in the central claim of the Divine Prologue:

All things were made by him


panta di autou egeneto

= 2055 = 15 x 137

Thus, we have the self-reflective identity uniting the entire Divine Prologue, exposing its doubly reiterative structure:

Sum of Divine Prologue = 26715 = 13 x 2055 (All things were made by him)

This plays an essential role in the integration of the Divine Prologue with the Logos Holograph that results in the Divine Logos HyperHolograph.

The modulating factor - the Number 13 - is the prime Star Number upon which the Unity Holograph is built! Glory!


Yet for all this, we have just begun. The entire Prologue divides into two pieces that are each a multiple of the Number 39 (ONE LORD)which we examined in some detail with regards to John 1.1. This division strictly follows the intrinsic grammatical structure oif the verse:

Sum of John 1.1 = 39 x 93
Sum of John 1.2-5 = 39 x 592

The Number 592 is composite and so its meaning is established as by the array of harmonics ringing off its multiples and divisors, most notably 37 (592 = 37 x 16). The Number 37 is the central member of the Generating Set and is embedded in the very heart of the Creation HyperHolograph. It is therefore with some awe that we behold this fundamental identity:




= 592

Thus, we may write:

Sum of John 1.2-5 = 23088 = 39 (ONE LORD) x 592 (GODHEAD)

We have here two of the most significant semantic elements in all the Bible, joined together in the intrinsic alphanumeric structure of the Divine Prologue. The ramifications of this identity are too rich to explore here - they will be developed in the next article Jesus and YHVH.

Before we collect all these identities into a single image of this holographic fragment, we need to note yet two more identities:

The same was in the beginning


Outos en en archei

= 1872 = 39 x 48

This integrates with the other identities based on the Number 39. The modulating factor, the Number 48, is the numerical weight of pic (Gedulah, Majesty) and pic (Kokav, Star). It plays a central role in the structure of John 1.1. Thus we have these three grammatical divisions of the Divine Prologue that are each a significant multiple of the Number 39 (ONE LORD):

John 1.1= 39 x 93 (LOVE)
John 1.2-5= 39 x 592 (GODHEAD)
The same was in
the beginning
= 39 x 48 (MAJESTY/STAR)

These three identies place a central role in the integration with the Unity Holograph to form the Divine Unity HyperHolograph.

Finally, to we need to note this most significant self-reflection in John 1.1:




= 373 =

and God was


kai Theos hen

This is the only self-reflective fragment of the Divine Prologue independent of the iota subscript. It encodes the geometric form of the Logos as a fractal snowflake built on Seven Stars of Wisdom. See The Divine Tapestry of John 1.1 for the derivation.

The Number 719: The Beginning The Number 39: ONE LORD The Number 137: The God of Truth The Number 93: LOVE and WILL The Number 39: ONE LORD The Creation HyperHolograph union of Genesis 1.1 and John 1.1 The Sevenfold Logos Star The Unity Holograph

It is extremely important to realize that without the iota subscript, everything except the Logos identity completely disappears.

It is also important to consider the depth of divine integration revealed in this image. The blue triangle represents the full set of relations derived in the first two Creation HyperHolograph articles and the small image of the Unity Holograph shows the integration with the Shema - the greatest Commandment. Yet for all this, we have only just begun! The entire Divine Prologue is also integrated with the Logos Holograph! Glory and Praise to the everliving always loving infinitely wise Lord God Almighty!

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