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This article has been debunked by the author.
Read all about it: The Isaiah-Bible Coincidence Debunked

Isaiah chain Bible
Correlation Link Index

Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands?

Isaiah Chapter 45, Verse 9

Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

Bible Book 45, Chapter 9


The overflowing fountain of revelation bursting forth from the Isaiah - Bible Correlation is unlike anything ever seen in the history of the world. The entire thematic flow of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is mirrored - book by book - in the 66 chapters of Isaiah. But the links are more than mere echoes - God frequently used exactly the same words in geometrically correlated passages.

The verses above are two of my favorite examples of the divine Isaiah - Bible Correlation. They stand as a perpetual miracle declaring the glory and power of God. Their message is plain for all to see, as now also is their supernatural geometric integration as a 3 dimensional object to the shadow it casts. The link between Isaiah 45.9 and Romans 9.20 is a first order projective link from the 3D Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah:

PBible(45, 9, 20) ==> PIsaiah(45, 9)

Here is an image of what is going on:

Yet the divine structure goes ever deeper. Sometimes a projective link is also a KeyLink because God used the words in no other passage of Scripture. These are the First Order Projective Keylinks. My favorite example of this miracle is found by searching the entire KJV for the phrase "that ye may know and believe" [Verify] which appears only in Isaiah 43.10 and Bible Book 43 Chapter 10. Be sure to click the [Verify] hyperlink - its really helps to see the reality of these KeyLinks for yourself:

Isaiah Chapter 43, Verse 10 Bible Book 43, Chapter 10
Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not. But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.

This is a first order projective KeyLink from the 3D Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah (cf. That ye may Know and Believe):

PBible(43, 10, 38) ==> PIsaiah(43, 10)


The Isaiah-Bible Correlation Link Index contains the following elements:

  • 41 Chapters of Isaiah linked to the corresponding Books of the Bible.
  • 197 Links which break down into:
    • 150 KeyLinks
    • 37 Thematic Links
  • 22 First Order Projective Links
    • 9 in the Genesis - Isaiah 1 projection
    • 13 in the other Books.

The entire file is over 109K. It is divided into three segments (see buttons at the top of the page) to allow for a quicker download for people with a slower connection.


  • KeyLink: A KeyLink is a word, set of words, phrase or verse that appears only in geometrically correlated passages of Scripture. Most of the links listed below are KeyLinks. A KeyLink that is also an explicit quote is called a KeyQuote.
  • Thematic Link: This is a link that is dominant but not unique to the Spoke.
  • [Verify] Any entry with a [Verify] hyperlink can be checked on the SearchGodsWord site. Clicking the link will open a window and automatically perform the appropriate search. At present, the online search engines don't support context searches. Most other links have been set up to be easily verified.
  • Search string syntax:
    • Word List: A list in parentheses such as (Beautiful, Tidings) means "Search for all verses containing the words Beautiful and Tidings. An "or" is indicated by a slash, e.g. ("we shall be saved", wrath/wroth) selects all verses that contain the phrase "we shall be saved" and either the word wrath or wroth.
    • Phrases are indicated with quotes. E.g. "Israel shall be saved".
    • Wildcard: An Asterix (*) selects any match. E.g. searching for all words that begin with redeem, such as redeem, redeemer, redeemed, or redeemeth, is indicated by simply writing redeem*.
    • Context Searchs: Many of the links involve words and phrases found in context of one another, but not necessarily in exactly the same verse. This is searched for by writing, e.g. (Israel w/i 1 elect*) which means "search for all verses that contain the word Israel within one verse of any word starting with "elect".

Isaiah 1 chain Genesis

  • Theme: Creation, Fall, Judgment, Remnant
    • The entire sequence of the first 9 chapters of Genesis - Creation [1], God's Children (2), Sin (3), Corruption (4, 5, 6), Judgment (7), and Remnant (8, 9) - is reiterated in order in the sequence of the verses of Isaiah 1. This is an extremely detailed series of first order projective links from the 3D Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah:

      PBible(1, N, x) ==> PIsaiah(1, N)

      N represents the chapter of Genesis and its corresponding verse in Isaiah 1, and x is a wildcard for the third dimension of the 3D Bible that gets lost in the projection.

Isaiah 2 chain Exodus

  • Theme: The Giving of the Law
    • Thematic Link: (Mount*, Law, Teach)  Isa 2.2 - Exo 24.12 [Verify] This is not a KeyLink because similar language is found in one other verse (on Spoke 11 in Micah 4.2), but it is a very strong thematic link.
  • Theme: Enter into the Rock
    • Thematic Link: (Rock, Glory)  Isa 2.10 - Exo 33.22 [Verify] This is not a KeyLink because the search string also selects one other verse (Psalm 62.7). But the thematic link between Exodus and Isaiah 2 is strong and clear, and we also have a KeyLink based on this context search:
      • KeyLink: (Rock, Glory w/i 1 Lord)
  • Theme: The House of the Lord
    • Alphabetic Link: Isaiah 2.2 contains the first occurrence of the name of the Second Letter Beyt (House)

Isaiah 3 chain Leviticus

  • Theme: Clothing, Food, Nakedness, Famine
    • Thematic Link: The negative images of all the primary themes of Leviticus appear prominently in Isaiah 3, with many links to associated Spoke 3 elements such as Genesis 3 and Matthew 3.
    • KeyLink: (Poor, Vineyard, Lord)  Isa 3.14 - Lev 19.10 [Verify] This is an extremely significant link. Isaiah 3 records the violation of God's Law declared in Leviticus.
    • KeyLink: (Staff, Bread, Away/Broken)  Isa 3.1 - Lam 26.26 [Verify] This integrates with the great themes of Spoke 3 (Food/Famine) that originates in Genesis 3 with the first sin of eating the forbidden fruit (fruit created on the Third Day) and manifest in the dietary laws of Leviticus and the Famine of the Third Seal and Lamentations on Spoke 3, Cycle 2.
  • Theme: Sweet Smell Turned to Stink
    • KeyLink: (Sweet, Smell, Stink/Waste)  Isa 3.24 - Lev 26.31 [Verify]
  • Theme: Reward
    • Alphabetic Link: Isaiah 3 contains the first occurrence of the name of the Third Letter Gimel in the form of its cognate Gamal (Reward).

Isaiah 4 chain Numbers

  • Theme: Fire and Cloud over the Tabernacle
    • KeyLink: ("Fire by night", Cloud, Day, Lord)  Isa 4.4 - Num 14.14[Verify] This is not a very strong KeyLink because very similar language is used in Exodus to describe the initial setup of the Tabernacle. But it is a very strong thematic link because the theme of the Cloud and the Fire is properly characteristic of Numbers which records Israel's being led through the wilderness.

Isaiah 5 chain Deuteronomy

  • Theme: God's Vineyard
    • KeyLink: (Vineyard, Grapes)  Isa 5.4 - Deut 23.24, 24.21, 28.30 [Verify] This is triple KeyLink, in that Isaiah 5 links to 3 different verses in Deuteronomy (and no others in all the Bible). The theme of the Lord's Vineyard also links Isaiah 5 to Isaiah 27 on the Inner Wheel.
  • Theme: Woe!
    • Thematic Link: The Woes of Isaiah 5 are based on the Heh KeyWord Hovei. This corresponds to the Curses of Deuteronomy 28. The corresponding Blessings are found in the Beatitudes of Matthew 5 on the Inner Cycle of Matthew. This all integrates with the First Blessing given on the Fifth Day, and the Fifth Commandment, the first commandment with a Promise (cf. The Blessing of Life).
  • Theme: The Anger of the Lord
    • KeyLink: ("The Anger of the Lord", kindled, turn*)  Deut 7.4 - Isa 5.25[Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("The Anger of the Lord" w/i 2 root) Deut 29.18 - Isa 5.24

Isaiah 7 chain Judges

  • Theme: Divine Annunciation of a Saviour's Conception
    • KeyLink: ("conceive, and bear a son") Isa 7.14 - Jdg 13.3 [Verify] This is an extremely strong KeyLink. Not only is the entire phrase unique to Isaiah 7 and Bible Book 7, but even just searching for the set (conceive, bear) [Verify] yields KeyLink.
    • KeyLink: (Razor, Shave*)  Isa 7.20 - Jdg 16.17 [Verify]
  • Theme: A Breach in Judah/Israel
    • KeyLink: (Made/Make, Breach, Judah/Israel)  Isa 7.6 - Jdg 21.15 [Verify]

Isaiah 8 chain Ruth

  • Theme: Witnesses to the Birth of a Son
    • Thematic Link: (Went, "Bare a son")  Isa 8.3 - Ruth 4.13 [Verify] This set selects four verses.
    • KeyLink: (Witnesses w/i 2 "Bare a son") Isa 8.2 - Ruth 4.11
  • Common word set:
    • KeyLink: (Living, "To the Dead")  Isa 8.19 - Ruth 2.20 [Verify]

Isaiah 9 chain I Samuel

  • Theme: Establishment of the Lord's Kingdom
    • KeyLink: (Establish*, Kingdom, Lord, Ever*)  Isa 9.7 - I Sam 13.13 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (David, Kingdom, Perform/Done)  Isa 9.7 - I Sam 18.6 [Verify] This KeyLink is based on the set (David, Kingdom) [Verify] which appears only once in Isaiah in Isaiah 9.7. This corresponds to its first appearance in the Bible in I Samuel 18.8 (Book 9) and the establishment of the Kingdom.
      • KeyLink: (David, Kingdom w/i 4 Joy) Isa 9.3 - I Sam 18.6
    • KeyLink: ("To Set" or "To Order", Throne, Upon, Lord*) Isa 9.7 - I Sam 2.8 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Adversaries, Lord w/i 4 Throne) Isa 9.7 - I Sam 2.8

Isaiah 10 chain II Samuel

  • Theme: A Grievous Decree
    • Thematic Link: David violated all Ten Commandments in the Tenth Book with the turned from the Lord, committed adultery with Bathsheba, stole her from Uriah and murdered him. This is all strongly linked to Isaiah 10.

Isaiah 14 chain II Chronicles

  • Theme: Service in the House of the Lord
    • KeyLink: ("Their place", Serv*)  Isa 14.2 - II Chr 35.10,15[Verify]
  • Theme: Messengers of the Lord
    • KeyLink: (Messengers, Lord, "His People")  Isa 14.32 - II Chr 36.10, 36.11 [Verify] This is a double KeyLink, connecting Isaiah 14.32 to two verses in II Chronicles.
  • Theme: Neen (Son, Posterity)
    • Alphabetic Link: Within Isaiah, the word (Neen, Son S# H5209) appears only in Isaiah 14. This word is cognate to the name of the 14th Letter, Nun. It is the only cognate of Nun to appear in Isaiah.

Isaiah 17 chain Esther

  • Theme: God's Lot for His Enemies
    • KeyLink: (S# H0962 w/i 6 S# H0962) These Strongs' Numbers correspond to the Herbew Bazaz (Rob/Spoil) and Goral (Lot/Portion) which appear together only in Isaiah 17 and the Book of Esther. This reveals the profound and unique integration of Isaiah 17 with the central theme of Esther, Book 17.

Isaiah 19 chain Psalms

Isaiah 22 chain Song of Solomon

  • Theme: The Glory of the Beloved
    • KeyLink: (Hang, All w/i 2 David) Isa 22.22 - Song 4.4 This KeyLink connects the verse in Isaiah 22 speaking of hanging all the glory of the Father's House upon David - whose name means beloved - to the Song's extravagent description of the Beloved. It also links to Matthew 22.

Isaiah 24 chain Jeremiah

  • Theme: Fear and the Pit and the Snare
    • KeyLink: ("Fear, and the pit, and the snare") Isa 24.17 - Jer 48.43 [Verify] This represents an entire paragraph that appears only in Isaiah 24 and Jeremiah.
  • Theme: Treachery
    • KeyLink: ("Dealt very treacherously") Isa 24.16 - Jer 5.11 [Verify]
  • Theme: The Cry of Jeremiah
    • KeyLink: ("My bowels, my bowels" or "My leanness, my leanness") Isa 24.16 - Jer 4.19 [Verify]
  • Theme: Many Days in a Pit/Prison/Dungeon
    • KeyLink: ("many days", pit/dungeon)  Isa 24.22 - Jer 37.16[Verify] Note that this is a major theme of the Book of Jeremiah!
    • KeyLink: ("many days" w/i prison) Isa 24.22 - Jer 37.16
    • KeyLink: ("shall be shut up") Isa 24.22 - Jer 13.19 [Verify]
  • Theme: Mirth Ceases
    • KeyLink: (Mirth, Cease*, Joy/Gladness)  Isa 24.8 - Jer 7.34 [Verify] This is actually a double KeyLink, since it also selects Jer 16.9.
    • KeyLink: (Mirth, Streets)  Isa 24.11 - Jer 7.34 [Verify]
  • Theme: Desolation
    • KeyLink: (Devoured, Desolate)  Isa 24.6 - Jer 10.25 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Spoiled, Land, Whole/Utterly)  Isa 24.3 - Jer 4.20 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("Gleaning Grapes", Done/Enough)  Isa 24.13 - Jer 49.9[Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Spoiled, Land w/i 1 Word*) Isa 24.3 - Jer 9.19
    • KeyLink: (Crying w/i 1 Destruction) Isa 24.11 - Jer 48.3
    • KeyLink: ("shall lift", Cry/Shout)  Isa 24.14 - Jer 51.14[Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("For the Lord hath spoken" w/i 1 Haughty/Proud) Isa 24.3 - Jer 13.15
  • Theme: The Lord of Hosts Reigns
    • KeyLink: ("Lord of Hosts", Sun, Moon)  Isa 24.23 - Jer 31.35[Verify]

Isaiah 25 chain Lamentations

  • Theme: The Fall of a City
    • Thematic Link: (Dust, Ground, Down)  Isa 25.12 - Lam 2.10 [Verify] This is a very strong theme that orginiates in Genesis 3 and manifests throughout Spoke 3 of the Bible Wheel and various Inner Wheels and Cycles. The set selects 5 verses, two are on Spoke 3 of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah and one on Spoke 3 of the Bible Wheel.
    • KeyLink: (Ground, Dust, Down w/i 2 Wall*) Isa 25.10 - Lam 2.8
    • KeyLink: (Ground, Dust, Down w/i 2 Hand, Lord) Isa 25.10 - Lam 2.8
    • Thematic Link: (Lord, Trodden, Under)  Isa 25.10 - Lam 1.15 [Verify] This is a near KeyLink, the only other verse selected is Isaiah 18.7. A closely related KeyLink is found in this context search:
      • KeyLink: (Lord, Trodden, Under w/i 1 Hands) Isa 25.10 - Lam 1.15
  • Theme: People Covered with a Cloud/Vail
    • KeyLink: (Cover*, Cast, Cloud/Vail)  Isa 25.7 - Lam 2.1 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Cover*, Cast, Daughter/People)  Isa 25.7 - Lam 2.1 [Verify]
  • Theme: Grief
    • KeyLink: (Tears, People, Earth)  Isa 25.8 - Lam 2.11 [Verify]
  • Theme: God's Faithfulness
    • KeyLink: (Faithfulness, New/Old)  Isa 25.1 - Lam 3.23 [Verify]

Isaiah 26 chain Ezekiel

  • Theme: The Door
    • KeyLink: (Chambers, Door*)  Isa 26.2 - Ezek 41.11, 42.4,11,12 [Verify] This is a quadruple KeyLink connecting Isaiah 26 to four separate verses in Ezekiel. It is based on the name of the Fourth Letter - Dalet! We have a complete integration of the order of the Canon, the order of Isaiah, and the order of the Hebrew alphabet. This is the overwhelming revelation of the Mind of the Almighty!
    • KeyLink: (Chambers, Enter*)  Isa 26.21 - Ezek 21.14, 41.6, 42.12 [Verify] This is a triple KeyLink.
    • Alphabetic Link: The first occurrence of Dalet (Door S# H1817) in Isaiah is found here in Isaiah 26 (Spoke 4, Cycle2). This integrates with the profound maximization of the words Door[s]/Gate[s] on Spoke 4, and the KeyLinks above between Isaiah 26 and Ezekiel.
  • Theme: The Dead are Raised!
    • KeyLink: ("My People" w/i 1 "Shall Live") Isa 26.19 - Eze 37.13 This is an extremely profound KeyLink that integrates with the great themes of Spoke 4 on the Bible Wheel (cf Dead Four Days).
    • KeyLink: ("My Spirit Within") Isa 26.9 - Ezek 36.27 [Verify]
  • Theme: Blood
    • KeyLink: (Blood, Iniquity, Earth)  Isa 26.21 - Ezek 9.9 [Verify] Ezekiel is on Spoke 4. This integrates with the debut of Blood = 44 in Genesis 4. It is also profoundly integrated with elements from Isaiah 4 (cf. Blood Stains).
    • KeyLink: ("Her Blood", Cover)  Isa 26.21 - Ezek 24.7[Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("Her Blood" w/i 1 Lord) Isa 26.21 - Ezek 24.7
    • KeyLink: ("Her Blood" w/i 2 Dust) Isa 26.21 - Ezek 24.7

Isaiah 28 chain Hosea

  • Theme: The Pride of Ephraim
    • Thematic Link: (Pride, Ephraim) [Verify] This set selects 4 verses: 2 from Isaiah 28, 1 from Hosea, and one from Isaiah 9. It is nearly a KeyLink, there being but one other verse selected in all the Bible. It is profoundly integrated with the distribution of the word "Ephraim" on the Bible Wheel, where it is maximized on Spoke 6.
    • KeyLink: (Ephraim, Trodden/Smitten)  Isa 28.3 - Hos 9.16 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Ephraim w/i 1 Fruit*) Isa 28.3 - Hos 9.16, 14.8 This is a double KeyLink, connecting Isa 28.3 to two verses in Hosea.
    • KeyLink: (Err w/i 1 Wine) Isa 28.7 - Hos 4.11

Isaiah 29 chain Joel

Isaiah 30 chain Amos

  • Theme: Prophesy Not!
    • KeyLink: ("Prophesy not", Prophets)  Isa 30.10 - Amos 2.12[Verify]
  • Theme: Rebellion against the Law of the Lord
    • KeyLink: ("The Law of the Lord", Lies/Lying)  Isa 30.9 - Amos 2.4[Verify]
  • Theme: Set to Flight
    • KeyLink: (Ride*, Swift*, Horse*)  Isa 30.16 - Amos 2.15 [Verify] This KeyLink, though completely independent of the one above, links to exactly the same context Amos! Theses two verses are also linked with three other similar KeyLinks:
      • KeyLink: (Horse*, Swift* w/i 1 Flee)
      • KeyLink: (Horse*, Ride* w/i 1 Flee)
      • KeyLink: ("Shall Flee" w/i 1 Swift)
    • KeyLink: ("Turn Aside", Holy)  Isa 30.11 - Amos 2.7[Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Lion, Serpent)  Isa 30.6 - Amos 5.19 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Sift, Nations)  Isa 30.28 - Amos 9.9 [Verify]
  • Theme: The Bread and Water of God's Word
    • KeyLink: (Bread, Water, Lord, Give/Send)  Isa 30.20 - Amos 8.11 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Bread, Water, Lord w/i 1 Word*) Isa 30.20 - Amos 8.11
  • Theme: God's Grace and Judgment
    • KeyLink: (Gracious, Judgment)  Isa 30.18 - Amos 5.15 [Verify] Note that Grace (Chen) is a Chet KeyWord (30 = 82 = Spoke 8, Cycle 2). This KeyLink can be specified yet more, since both verses also contain the words Lord and God:
    • KeyLink: (Lord, God, Gracious, Judgment)  Isa 30.18 - Amos 5.15 [Verify] This is not really another KeyLink, its just a more detailed version of the one above. We also have
  • Theme: The Breach is Healed!
    • KeyLink: (Breach*, Day, Up)  Isa 30.26 - Amos 9.11 [Verify]
  • It is really important to note what is going on here. We have over a dozen KeyLinks expressing five different common themes between just Isaiah 30 and Amos! And there are six others I haven't published on this page because there's not enough room!

Isaiah 33 chain Micah

  • Theme: Hypocrites Teaching for Hire
    • KeyLink: ("Among us", hypocrites/teach)  Isa 33.14 - Mic 3.11[Verify] The common theme of these verses are those who take bribes, teach lies for hire, and lean upon the Lord as a show. These two passages are also linked with these context searches:
      • KeyLink: ("Among us" w/i 1 hypocrites/hire) Isa 33.14 - Mic 3.11 This also links to I Kings (Spoke 11, Cycle 1)
      • KeyLink: ("Among us" w/i 1 evil) Isa 33.14 - Mic 3.11
      • KeyLink: ("Among us" w/i 1 Zion) Isa 33.14 - Mic 3.11
  • Theme: Carmel and Bashan dwell in the Wilderness/Wood
    • KeyLink: (Carmel, Bashan, Wilderness/Wood)  Isa 33.9 - Mic 7.14 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Carmel, Bashan w/i 1 Waste/Desolate) Isa 33.8 - Mic 7.13
    • KeyLink: (Carmel, Bashan w/i 1 Fruit*) Isa 33.9 - Mic 7.13

Isaiah 34 chain Nahum

  • Theme: The Lord's Vengence
    • KeyLink: (Indignation, Fury)  Isa 34.2 - Nah 1.6 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Slain, Carcases)  Isa 34.3 - Nah 3.3 [Verify] This is a first order projective KeyLink of the 3D Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah:

      PBible(34,3,3) ==> PIsaiah(34,3)

    • KeyLink: (Fig, Fall)  Isa 34.4 - Nah 3.12 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("the world, and all") Isa 34.1 - Nah 1.5 [Verify] This is a first order projective KeyLink of the 3D Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah:

      PBible(34,1,5) ==> PIsaiah(34,1)

Isaiah 35 chain Habakkuk

  • Theme: Streams in the Dessert
    • KeyLink: (Blossom w/i 1 Joy) Isa 35.1 - Hab 3.17
    • KeyLink: ("Glory of the Lord w/i 1 Lebanon) Isa 35.2 - Hab 2.14

Isaiah 36 chain Zephaniah

  • Theme: Able to Deliver
    • KeyLink: ("Able to deliver" w/i 2 dung) Isa 36.14 - Zeph 1.18

Isaiah 38 chain Zechariah

  • Theme: Shepherd
    • KeyLink: (Shepherd*, Removed/Went)  Isa 38.12 - Zech 10.2 [Verify] This KeyLink relates to the fundamental Spoke 16 theme of the Shepherd, Overseer, Chief Eye (cf. The Great Shepherd).
    • KeyLink: (Shepherd, "Cut Off")  Isa 38.12 - Zech 11.8 [Verify] Note these are very similar KeyLinks, but they link to disparate verses in Zechariah.
  • Theme: Truth and the House of the Lord
    • KeyLink: ("House of the LORD" w/i 1 Truth) Isa 38.19 - Zech 8.8

Isaiah 40 chain Matthew

  • Theme: The Gospel Goes Forth!
    • Thematic Link: "For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight." Isa 40.3 - Mat 3.3. This is a first order projective link projecting the 3D Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah:

      PBible(40, 3, 3) ==> PIsaiah(40, 3)

  • Theme: Who has taught the Lord?
    • Thematic Link: (Taught, Wisdom/Understanding)  Isa 40.14 - Mat 13.54 [Verify] This is an extremely strong link - the search yields only one other verse, which is (appropriately!) Proverbs 4.11.
    • KeyLink: ("Instructed w/i 2 heaven) Isa 40.13 - Mat 13.54
  • Theme: Christ comes to reward everyone according to their works
    • Thematic Link: (Reward, Work*, Come, With)  Isa 40.10 - Mat 16.27 [Verify] This is a strong link - the search yields only one other verse, which is (appropriately!) the last chapter of the last book, Revelation 22.12. The less stringent search (Reward, Work*) [Verify] selects 11 verses, five of which are on Spoke 18 of either the Bible Wheel (Job 7.2, Mat 16.27) or an Inner Wheel (Isa 40.10, Isa 62.11, Rev 18.6).
  • Theme: The Grass of the Field
    • Thematic Link: (Grass, Field w/i 1 Glory) Isa 40.6 - Mat 6.30 This set is not a KeyLink because it also selects the parallel passage in Luke, but it is a first order projective link:

      PBible(40, 6, 30) ==> PIsaiah(40, 6)

Isaiah 41 chain Mark

  • Theme: That they may see!
    • Thematic Link: ("may see", Israel)  Isa 41.20 - Mark 15.32[Verify] This is a near KeyLink. It selects one other verse (Isa 5.19). Here is the associated KeyLink:
      • KeyLink: ("They may see", Israel w/i 1 King) Isa 41.20 - Mark 15.32
    • KeyLink: ("They may see", Understand)  Isa 41.20 - Mark 4.12[Verify]

Isaiah 42 chain Luke

  • Theme: A Light to the Gentiles
    • KeyLink: (Blind, Captives/Prisoners)  Isa 42.7 - Luk 4.18 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("Them that sit in darkness") Isa 42.7 - Luk 1.79 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Ye, Blind, See, Deaf, Hear)  Isa 42.18 - Luk 7.22 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("My Spirit", Delighteth/Rejoiced)  Isa 42.1 - Luk 1.14[Verify] This is a first order projective KeyLink from the 3d Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah:

      PBible(42, 1, 14) ==> PIsaiah(42, 1)

    • KeyLink: (Light, Gentiles, People w/i 2 Eyes) Isa 42.6 - Luk 2.30
  • Theme: Sing unto the Lord a New Song
    • Thematic Link: Luke's Gospel is famous for giving five new songs to the church. They are the Salute of Elizabeth "Ave Maria", the "Magnificat" of Mary, the "Benedictus" of Zacharias, the "Gloria in Excelsis" of the Angels, the "Nunc Dimittis" of Simeon
  • Theme: God's Elect
    • KeyLink: (Elect, Uphold/Bear)  Isa 42.1 - Luk 18.7 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Elect w/i 1 Cry) Isa 42.1 - Luk 18.7
    • KeyLink: (Elect w/i 1 Judg*) Cry Isa 42.1 - Luk 18.6
  • Theme: I must cry out now!
    • KeyLink: (Hold*, Peace, Cry, Now/Immediately)  Isa 42.14 - Luk 19.40 [Verify]

Isaiah 43 chain Gospel of John

  • Theme: The Eternal I AM
    • KeyLink: (Believe, "I am he")  Isa 43.10 - Joh 13.19 [Verify] This is actually a double KeyLink becuase it links Isaiah 43.10 to two verses in Book 43.
    • KeyLink: "Before ... was I am" Isa 43.13 - Joh 8.48 [Verify]
  • Theme: That Ye may know and Believe
    • KeyLink: "That ye may know and believe" Isa 43.10 - Joh 10.38 [Verify] This is a first order projective KeyLink between the 3D Bible and the 2D Book of Isaiah:

      PBible(43, 10, 38) ==> PIsaiah(43, 10)

  • Theme: Whom I have chosen
    • KeyLink: (Know, "Whom I have chosen") [Verify] Isa 43.10 - Joh 13.18
    • KeyLink: ("I am he" w/i 1 "Whom I have chosen") Isa 43.10 - Joh 13.18
  • Theme: Know and Believe the Saviour
    • Thematic Link: (Know, Believe) [Verify] This set appears in 6 verses - 2 in Isaiah 43, 1 in John and 3 elsewhere. It is a strong thematic link which manifest in many KeyLinks, such as the one above and the one below:
    • KeyLink: (Know, Believe w/i 3 Saviour) Isa 43.10 - Joh 4.42
  • Theme: Are you the Christ?

    We have an extremely profound set thematic links and KeyLinks between Isaiah 43.10-13 and John 10.25-38, which are based on this Q/A:

    • John 10.25 demands: If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly.
    • Isaiah 43.11 answers: I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour.
    • Thematic Link: ("out of my hand") [Verify] This phrase appears only five times in Scripture, with the last two appearances being Isaiah 43.13 and John 10.28. The last two are in Isaiah 43.13 and John 10.38, showing it is a strong thematic link. This set is also the basis of these five KeyLinks, which reveal the profound overlap in the vocabulary of Isaiah 43 and John 10:
      • KeyLink: ("out of my hand" w/i 3 witness*) Isa 43.10 - Joh 10.25
      • KeyLink: ("out of my hand" w/i 3 believe) Isa 43.10 - Joh 10.26
      • KeyLink: ("out of my hand" w/i 3 know) Isa 43.10 - Joh 10.27
      • KeyLink: ("out of my hand" w/i 4 shewed) Isa 43.12 - Joh 10.28
      • KeyLink: ("out of my hand" w/i 3 work*) Isa 43.13 - Joh 10.25
  • Theme: A Fountain of Living Waters
    • Thematic Link: (Give*, Water*, Drink*, Shall, In, I)  Isa 43.20 - Joh 4.14 [Verify] This set selects four verses from the Bible. The first is Isaiah 43.20 and the last is John 4.14. This integrates with the Fountain of Life Holograph, which is based on the Number 414. We also have these two KeyLinks:
      • KeyLink: ("Give*, Drink*, Water* w/i 1 Spring*) Isa 43.19f - Joh 4.14
      • KeyLink: ("Give*, Drink*, Water* w/i 2 Jacob) Isa 43.19f - Joh 4.14 This is based on the fact that Jesus was sitting near Jacob's Well.
      • KeyLink: ("Wearied w/i 1 Jacob) Isa 43.22 - Joh 4.6 Jesus sat by the well because he was wearied.
  • Theme: I have loved thee
    • KeyLink: ("I have loved" w/i 1 "I am with") Isa 43.3 - Joh 13.33
    • KeyLink: ("I have loved" w/i 3 glor*) Isa 43.4 - Joh 13.31

Isaiah 44 chain Acts

  • Theme: Pentecost!
    • Thematic Link: ("I will pour", My Spirit)  Isa 44.3 - Act 2.2[Verify] This is not a KeyLink because the prophecy quoted in Acts was originally given in Joel. But the astounding thematic correlation is impossible to miss. Glory!
  • Theme: Sins Blotted Out
    • KeyLink: ("blotted out", sins)  Isa 44.22 - Act 3.19[Verify] This is a specific form of the simpler KeyLink (Blotted, Sins) [Verify].
  • Theme: God Knows All
    • KeyLink: ("declare it", unto, things/work)  Isa 44.7 - Act 13.41[Verify]
    • Thematic Link: Isa 44.6 - Act 15.18
  • Theme: God is Witness
    • Thematic Link: (God, Witness w/i 1 People) Isa 44.28 - Act 25.9") This is a near KeyLink, the only other verse being Isaiah 43.9.
  • Theme: Pleasure unto Jerusalem
    • KeyLink: (Pleasure, "to Jerusalem")  Isa 44.28 - Act 25.9 [Verify]

Isaiah 45 chain Romans

  • Theme: Sovereignty, Election, Salvation
    • KeyLink: ("Israel shall be saved") Isa 45.17 - Rom 11.4 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("Every knee shall bow") Isa 45.23 - Rom 14.1 [Verify]
    • Thematic Link: The Pot and the Potter Isa 45.9 - Rom 9.20: These linked verses are quoted at the head of this page. This is a first order projective link from the 3D Bible to the 2D plane of Isaiah:

      PBible(45, 9, 20) ==> PIsaiah(45, 9)

    • KeyLink: Israel w/i 1 Elect* Isa 45.4 - Rom 11.5
  • Theme: Justification and Glorification
    • KeyLink: ("All the seed", Justified/Faith)  Isa 45.25 - Rom 4.16[Verify] We also have this associated KeyLink based on a context search:
      • KeyLink: ("All the seed" w/i 3 Righteousness) Isa 45.24 - Rom 4.13
    • Thematic Link: (Justified, Glory)  Isa 45.25 - Rom 4.2 [Verify] This is a near KeyLink. It selects only one other verse (I Tim 3.16). The thematic link is extremely strong - it is essential to Romans, and manifests in a true KeyLink based on this context search, which only amplifies the fundamental theme of Romans:
      • KeyLink: (Justified, Glory w/i 1 Righteousness)
    • Thematic Link: Is God Just?, Isa 45.21 - Rom 9.20

Isaiah 49 chain Ephesians

  • Theme: Holy, Chosen, Faithful, and Redeemed
    • KeyLink: (Holy, Choose/Chose* w/i 3 Faithful) Isa 49.7 - Eph 1.1 This is actually a Triple KeyLink that also selects Deuteronomy 7.6 from Spoke 5 of the Bible Wheel. This means we have a KeyLink between Deuteronomy & Ephesians on the Bible Wheel and a Spoke 5 link from Cell 5 of the Bible Wheel to Cell 49 of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah.
    • KeyLink: (Holy, Choose/Chose* w/i 3 Rede*) Isa 49.7 - Eph 1.1 The symbol rede* stands for all words like redeem, redeemer, redeemeth, etc. This set selects the same three verses as the one above.
  • Theme: Darkness in High Places
    • KeyLink: (Darkness, In, "High Places")  Isa 49.9 - Eph 6.12 [Verify] Here are two closely related KeyLinks"
      • KeyLink: ("High Places" w/i 2 Rulers) Isa 49.6 - Eph 6.12
      • KeyLink: ("High Places" w/i 5 Salvation) Isa 49.6 - Eph 6.12

Isaiah 50 chain Philippians

  • Theme: The Humiliation of Christ
    • Thematic Link: Isaiah 50 says "I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from shame and spitting" and Philippians says "he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross". This astounding correlation is discussed in detail in the article linked above.
    • Thematic Link: (Learned, Hear*, God)  Isa 50.4 - Phil 4.9 [Verify] This is a very strong thematic link. The only other verse it appears in is John 6 (note Philippians is on Spoke 6). This is also a first order projective link form the 3D Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah:

      PBible(50, 4, 9) ==> PIsaiah(50, 4)

Isaiah 52 chain I Thessalonians

  • Theme: Good Tidings
    • Thematic Link: ("Good tidings of") Isa 52.7 - I Thes 3.6 [Verify] This is not a KeyLink because the Link Set also picks up the Angels annunciation of Christ in Luke 2. But since both Isaiah and I Thessalonians also speak of comfort within a couple verses, we do have the KeyLink below.
    • KeyLink: ("Good tidings" w/i 2 Comforted) Isa 52.7 - I Thes 3.6
    • KeyLink: ("God, Hol*, w/i 1 Comforted) Isa 52.10 - I Thes 2.10

Isaiah 53 chain II Thessalonians

  • Theme: Who hath believed our report?
    • Thematic Link: (Believed, Report/Testimony)  Isa 53.1 - II Thes 1.10 [Verify] This is not a KeyLink because Isaiah is quoted in John and Romans. But it is a strong thematic link that also integrates with the Ninth Commandment. This is a first order projective link from the 3D Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah:

      PBible(53, 1, 10) ==> PIsaiah(53, 1)

    • KeyLink: ("Lord, Revealed w/i 3 Believe*) Isa 53.1 - II Thes 1.7
    • KeyLink: ("Revealed w/i 2 "man of") Isa 53.1 - II Thes 2.3

Isaiah 55 chain II Timothy

  • Theme: The Inspired Word
    • Thematic Link: (Word/Scripture, Prosper/Profitable)  Isa 55.11 - II Tim 3.16 [Verify] I haven't found any KeyLinks between Isaiah 55 and II Timothy yet, but the strong common theme based on the Inspired Word and its integration with Kaph KeyWords is documented in the hyperlink above.

Isaiah 56 chain Titus

  • Theme: Slow Bellies, Greedy Dogs
    • Thematic Link: Isaiah 56 and Titus are integrated around the essence of the Letter Lamed (Titus is on Spoke 12, Cycle 3) - which means To Teach. They both speak strongly against Bishops/Watchmen who are greedy, lazy, and given to wine.

Isaiah 58 chain Hebrews

  • Theme: Own Pleasure vs. God's Holiness
    • KeyLink: ("own pleasure", Holy/Holiness)  Isa 58.13 - Heb 12.10[Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("own pleasure", day*)  Isa 58.13 - Heb 12.10[Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("own pleasure" w/i 5 righteousness) Isa 58.8 - Heb 12.10
    • KeyLink: ("pleasure" w/i 2 forsook) Isa 58.2 - Heb 11.25

Isaiah 59 chain James

  • Theme: Works Righteousness
    • KeyLink: (Works w/i 1 Cover/Naked) Isa 59. - Jam 2.14
  • Theme: Cycle of Sin
    • KeyLink: (Conceive*, Bring*, Forth*, Sin/Iniquity)  Isa 59.4 - Jam 1.15 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (Conceve*, Bring*, Forth* w/i 1 Death/Die*) Isa 59.4 - Jam 1.15
  • Theme: The Tongue that Defiles
    • KeyLink: (Tongue, Defile*)  Isa 59.3 - Jam 3.6 [Verify] This is a first order projective KeyLink from the 3D Bible onto the 2D plane of Isaiah:

      PBible(59, 3, 6) ==> PIsaiah(59, 3)

    • KeyLink: (Tongue, Iniquity, Defile*)  Isa 59.3 - Jam 3.6 [Verify] This KeyLink is not independent of the one above, but it does reveal the depth of divine integration.
    • KeyLink: (truth, lie* w/i 2 works) Isa 59.4 - Jam 3.12
    • KeyLink: (truth, lie* w/i 4 peace) Isa 59.4 - Jam 3.12
  • Theme: The Lord shall lift you up
    • Thematic Link: (Lord, "shall lift")  Isa 59.19 - Jam 4.10 [Verify] This set appears in 7 verses. It is based on the name of the 15th Letter Samek (Uphold, Support) which God used explicitly in Isaiah 59. The set below yields an associated KeyLink.
    • KeyLink: (Lord, "shall lift" w/i 1 turn*) Isa 59.19 - Jam 4.10

Isaiah 60 chain I Peter

  • Theme: Revelation of His Glory
    • KeyLink: ("His Glory shall be", Seen/Revealed)  Isa 60.2 - I Pet 4.13[Verify] Note that this relates to the fundamental theme of the Eye (Ayin - Spoke 16).
    • The phrase ("may be glorified") [Verify] appears in only four verses, two of which link Isaiah 60 and I Peter. Narrowing the search results in these two KeyLinks:

      • KeyLink: ("may be glorified", w/i 3 praise) Isa 60.18 - I Pet 4.11
      • KeyLink: ("may be glorified", w/i 3 Gentiles) Isa 60.18 - I Pet 4.11
    • KeyLink: ("shew forth the praises") Isa 60.6 - I Pet 2.9 [Verify]

Isaiah 65 chain Jude

  • Theme: Holier Than Thou
    • Thematic Link: Isaiah 65.6 speaks of they who say "Stand by thyself, come not near unto me" and Jude 19 speaks against those who "separate themselves."

Isaiah 66 chain Revelation

  • Theme: The Apocalypse
    • Thematic Link: Isaiah 66 is saturated with apocalyptic language, as detailed in the Isaiah 66 - Revelation article.
  • Theme: A Voice from the Temple of God
    • KeyLink: (Voice, Temple, Recompence/Wrath)  Isa 66.6 - Rev 16.1 [Verify]
  • Theme: Man Child Brought Forth
    • KeyLink: ("Man Child", "Brought Forth") Isa 66.7 - Rev 12.5 [Verify] : This also selects Revelation 12.13.
  • Theme: New Heavens and New Earth
    • Thematic Link: (New, Heaven*, Earth)  Isa 66.22 - Rev 21.1 [Verify] This is a very interesting thematic link. The primary concept links Isaiah 66 to Revelation (Book 66) but we find a link on Spoke 21 of the Inner Wheels of Isaiah and Revelation are linked (Isa 65 - Rev 21).
  • Theme: All nations and tongues shall worship
    • KeyLink: ("All nations", Tongues)  Isa 66.18 - Rev 7.9[Verify]

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