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The Bible Wheel as Divine Art

One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple.

Psalm 27.4

The truth of the Christian Faith shines with unparalled clarity through the divine symbols given by God in Scripture. The Circle, the Cross, the Dove, the Alpha and Omega! These symbols, and many more, are enshrined in stained glass, frescoes, and mosaics throughout the Churches of Christendom. They are found in the illuminated manuscripts of the middle ages and the graffiti scratched on the walls of the Roman catcombs. They are also found in the geometric structure of the text itself. God used them as templates in the design of His Holy Word. They appear on all levels, from the large-scale tri-radiant structure of the sevenfold symmetric perfection of the Canon Wheel down to the sixfold symmetry of the Star of Creation in the Creation Holograph. The links below are just my first efforts to bring forth this facet of the Divine Revelation. The study of the heavenly Beauty of God's Word [Jesus Christ] is an infinite endeavor that will never be completed in this world, nor even in the world to come.

Christ Pantocrator with Bible Wheel haloFor Glory and for Beauty

This article is adapted from Chapter 4 of the Bible Wheel book. It discusses how my wife Rose was led to make the stained glass Bible Wheel and Canon Wheel Cross, and how such artistic renditions relate to traditional Christian icons and seals and how all of this shows that God designed the Bible as a Divine Work of Theological Art.

12th Century Icon of Christ Pantocrator integrated with the Canon WheelThe Tri-Radiant Cruciform Halo as the Sign of Deity

The symbol of the tri-radiant halo has been used specifically to identify Christ in Christian Art for at least fifteen hundred years. This article further explores its relation to the structure of Scripture, and reviews its explicit appearance as a halo with only three arms.

The Canon Wheel - the sevenfold symmetric perfection of the Holy Bible The Eternal Circle and the Geometry of the Bible

The Circle is universally recognized as uniquely qualified to represent things divine and eternal. It manifests in the Halo - the ubiquitous sign of holiness and divinity found throughout Christian Art. It is inconceivable that any other form could serve as a better basis for the geometric structure of God's Word. The Circle is an optimal design. Its infinite symmetry leaves it without peer. Its integration with the 22 symbols of the Hebrew alphabet, encoded by God in the Alphabetic Verses of the Bible, unites the simplicity of the Circle with the infinite richness and complexity of Language.

12th Century Icon of Christ Pantocrator integrated with the Canon WheelArt, Theology, and Prophecy

The symbol of the tri-radiant halo has been used specifically to identify Christ in Christian Art for at least fifteen hundred years. The geometric structure of God's Word simultaneously proclaims the central message - the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ - and the divine origin of all Scripture. It is a blazing beacon beckoning all who are in darkness to repent and turn to God.

The integration of the Numbers 3 and 7 is extremely strong here. The Wheel has 3 Cycles divided into 7 canonical divisions by 3 radii. These Numbers are highly symbolic in Scripture, and both are deeply related to Deity. The Number 3 relates most strongly to the Trinity, and the Number 7 to Completion and Perfection - with a strong emphasis on the idea of Coventant, Promise, and Scripture, as explained in Seven and Scripture. This then manifests in the Menorah below. These ideas are also integrated with the fractal Star of Creation representation of the prime number 373 - the Logos Star.

Christ Pantocrator with Bible Wheel haloArtistic Applications of the Bible Wheel

This page displays a collection of artistic applications of the Bible Wheel. The wonder of it all is how the Bible Wheel integrates with traditional Christian iconography with such simplicity, clarity, and beauty.

The Bible as MenorahThe Bible as Menorah

The sevefold symmetric perfection of the Canon Wheel corresponds directly with the sevenfold Menorah which was designed by God Himself in Exodus 25. The fact that it was designed by God, and that the Bible integrates with it perfectly is an extremely strong witness to the artistry of God. Indeed, His Word is a "lamp unto my feet!" Note also that the bilateral symmetry of the Menorah divides it into 3 pairs of branchs with the 7th in the center. And that there are 22 bowls. This is another expression of the unity of the numbers 3, 7 and 22 that govern the structure of the Bible Wheel.

The Bible Wheel as God's Signet RingThe Divine Seal and Capstone of God's Word

The Lord said that He would take Zerubbabel and make him "as a signet" (Haggai 2.23). Then in the Book of Zechariah, the prophet is given "the Word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel" in the midst of a series of visions that prophesy the full structure of the Bible in the form of the Menorah, Two Olive Trees, and a Golden Bowl that corresponds to the Bible Wheel.

The Shield of the Blessed TrinityShield of the Blessed Trinity and the Unity Holograph

The Shield of the Blessed Trinity is isomorphic to the closed alegebra of Divine Names united in the Unity Holograph. The geometry is a perfect extpression of the relation amongst the prime factors of the Shema. Thus we have a supernatural integration of the greatest declaration of the Unity of God with the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity. Note also that its structure is very similar to the tri-radiant halo, the only difference being the angles have been made equal, which best expresses the unity of the three Divine Persons of the Trinty.

Hexagon/Star Pair 37/73The Star of Creation and the Creation Holograph

The Star of Creation (Star of David) is an ancient symbol not necessarily associated with Christianity or Judaism though it is found in ancient synagogues and churches. It is called the "Star of Creation" because its sixfold symmetry naturally integrates with the Six Days of Creation. The discovery of the appearance of this geometric form suffusing the alphanumeric structure of the Creation Holograph reveals this to be the result of Divine Artistry.

The Logos Star - Sevenfold geometric representation of the prime Number 373Fractal Star of Creation and the Logos

One of the greatest titles of the Lord Jesus Christ is "The Logos (Word) of God." Its representation as a fractal Star of David is woven into the text of John 1.1. It hexagonal (sixfold) symmetry supernaturally integrates with the Number 6 and the Work of Creation.

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